Datadog Integration 🐾

DataDog integration allows DataDog Monitor Alerts to be available in Komodor and to suggest related services based on services connection detected by DataDog.


For Komodor service correlation, your services according to Datadog, the following DataDog's service tags should be available on the resources.

  • environment - should match the environment specified on the Datadog service (DD_ENV)
  • service - should match the service name specified on the Datadog service (DD_SERVICE)

DataDog's tags can be done by environment variables, labels, and annotations. To do the correlation, the tags must be a string value and not a reference value.

For more information about DataDog tags for Kubernetes go into DataDog tagging documentation

Installation Steps

  1. Make sure the above prerequisites are met.
  2. Locate the Datadog installation tile on the Komodor Integrations page.
  3. Press Install Integration.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.


  1. A Datadog Integration tile will be added to the top section under Installed Integrations.
  2. Your services that interact with each other will appear under the Related Services section on the Komodor services page.

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