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Question: How long should I expect after the initial installation to start seeing some metrics?

Komodor's Agent, once installed and Metrics are enabled, via HELM begins pulling in metrics from your clusters. How quickly you begin to see the UI populate with the metrics depends on the type of metrics you're referring to. Here's a breakdown:

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Raw Data Metrics (e.g., Pods/Nodes): These metrics are collected immediately after installation. You should see them within a few minutes.
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Aggregated Metrics (e.g., Workload Metrics): The aggregated data is processed based on scheduled queries. For example, hourly pod data. You can expect to start seeing aggregated views within approximately one hour after installation.
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Additional Insights:
-  Raw data such as Pods/Nodes should be available shortly after installation, while workload metrics may take a couple of hours to start showing, depending on when the agent was installed. Additionally, you'll receive one data point per hour for such metrics.

In summary, for pod metrics, you should see them quite close to the installation time, while aggregated views and workload metrics may take up to an hour. Misconfigurations can potentially affect the availability of metrics.

If you're experiencing significant delays or issues with metric visibility beyond these timelines, it's advisable to double-check your configurations and reach out for further assistance.

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