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This feature is designed to enhance your experience by providing a seamless way to navigate through the platform and access key resources.

Discover Key Resources with Ease

Simply activate the Go-To menu using the keyboard shortcut CMD+K (Mac OS) or CTRL+K (Windows/Linux) from anywhere within the Komodor Platform or look for the search bar and you're ready to go.
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With real-time search results, you can quickly locate the page or dashboard you need with just a few keystrokes. Whether you're looking for a specific Service, Job, CronJob, Node, Workspace, or even deleted pods - our search functionality has you covered.


Go-To Resources

You can quickly navigate to specific resources within your Kubernetes clusters.

The following resources are supported and the feature covered by RBAC restrictions:

  • Services (Deployment/Statefulset/Daemonset/Rollout)
  • Live pods
  • Deleted pods from the last 2 days
  • Nodes
  • Jobs/Cronjobs

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Note: If you are in a specific Workspace, the Go-To Menu will search only within the scope of that Workspace and will suggest switching to another Workspace or "All Workspaces" if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Go-To Screen (Cost/Reliability/Secrets, etc.)

You can easily navigate to any screen within the Komodor Platform using the Go-To Menu. Simply type the name of the screen (e.g., cost, reliability, secrets, ConfigMaps) in the search bar and select the desired result from the search results to access the corresponding screen.

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Go-To Workspaces

Navigate between different Workspaces within the Komodor Platform effortlessly using the Go-To Menu. Enter the name of the Workspace in the search bar and select the desired result from the search results to switch to the desired Workspace.

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